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Thank you for visiting us here at Balanced Living, we provide a welcoming, safe and confidential space where you can express yourself without judgement and find ways to deal with emotional issues.

Our goal is to connect and assist people who are experiencing challenges and help them gain a better understanding of their feelings and thought processes.
At Balanced Living we prioritise expanding emotional wellbeing to empower you to live a rich, meaningful life.

Anna is a qualified and registered counsellor who has extensive experience working with adolescents, individuals, couples, families seeking to overcome challenges in their lives. She specialises in anxiety, depression, relationship and family difficulties, effective parenting, behavioural issues, academic support, school refusal, work/ life balance and emotional regulation.

Implementing a range of counselling modalities, Anna takes a highly individualised approach. Her counselling and therapies are tailored to each person’s personality, interests and life stage in a way that is appropriate to what may be troubling them. Every client will feel supported whilst they discover what is happening and perhaps changing in their world, so they may uncover what they want and need to do, in a way that will work best for them.

Anna’s passion and approach ensures that all individuals feel validated and unconditionally supported within a safe and caring counselling relationship that is encouraging and confidential. Anna works tirelessly to ensure that her clients feel heard and empowered.

Approach to Counselling

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy that involves a trained counsellor listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with your emotional issues. It can take place: face-to-face, via phone, email and online. Counselling is a journey of self-discovery allowing you to explore your inner world.

Why Counselling?

The general objective of counselling is to help resolve crises, reduce distress, develop goals for change and improve overall well-being. Counselling is an opportunity to talk openly and confidentially with a non-judgemental professional who will help guide an individual through their journey.

What to Expect.

Counselling is a very personal process. We will assist you identify what is keeping you either unhappy, anxious or depressed and provide you with tools and strategies to manage these emotional times. Clients may receive information to take with them in order to fully support them reaching their goals.

Do I Need to Prepare Before a Counselling Session?

Prior to your first visit, you don't necessarily need to prepare however it does help to think about what you would like to discuss and perhaps make some notes to bring with you. On the other hand, being spontaneous can also be just as effective.



Stress is a reaction to a stimulus (something or an event that disturbs our feelings or thoughts) which therefore effects our physical and/or emotional balance. A stressful event can trigger the “fight or flight “response causing hormones such as cortisol or adrenaline to run through our bodies.

Stress and tension are normal reactions to events that threaten us. Such threats can come from accidents, problems on the job, financial troubles or with family issues.

Anxiety can be defined as a strong and unpleasant feeling of nervousness or distress in response to a feared situation either in the past, present or future. Every year around 14% of all adult Australians are affected by an anxiety disorder. Women are affected more than men.

We can all feel anxious from time to time, however it is more than just feeling stressed or worried.

Some of the many physical symptoms can be hot and cold flushes, nausea, trembling, numb or tingly, lightheaded or faint, dizzy, breathlessness, sweating, rapid heartbeat, tightening of the chest.

Anxiety becomes a disorder when the symptoms become chronic and interfere with our daily lives and our ability to function. At times symptoms are severe and can be upsetting enough to make individuals feel extremely uncomfortable, out of control and helpless.

Learning that you have an anxiety disorder may bring relief (finally having a name for your struggles), more questions (why me?) and more worry (not knowing what to do next).

The good news is that anxiety disorders are among the most treatable.


On average, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 8 men will experience depression at some stage of their lives.

It is a condition that involves the body, mood and thoughts. It interferes with daily life and normal functioning.

Often feeling very sad, moody or low for long periods of time (weeks, months or even years) and sometimes with no apparent reason, which can affect our physical and mental health.

There are many different types of depressive disorders which have different symptoms and causes ranging from mild to severe. Treatment/s for depression can be either psychological or medical or both.


Now and then we may feel down, tense, angry or anxious, or perhaps feeling temporarily blocked by negative thoughts, these are all normal emotions. However when these feelings persist for long periods of time they may be part of other issues. At times problems can influence how we think and our ability to function in our everyday activities, whether at school, work or in relationships.

It can be helpful to talk about what’s going on in your life, if you have noticed a change in how you are feeling and thinking.

This might include:

Feeling unusually stressed or worried.
Being easily irritated or having problems with friends, family, relationship for no reason.
Changes in the way that you carry out day to day life.
Feeling things have changed or aren’t quite right.
Feeling sad or ‘down’ or crying for no apparent reason.
Having negative, distressing or unusual thoughts.
Your performance at school, university or work is not as good as it used to be.
Having trouble concentrating or remembering things.


Why do unpleasant arguments break out between people who presumably love and care about each other?

Strain can be placed on relationships when stressful circumstances affect a couple as a whole, or even just one of the partners. Chronic illness of one person, for example, can impact the well-being of both partners.

Many couples struggle with communicating effectively and feeling that they are not heard by their partners, as well as differences in parenting, expectations and decision making.

Severe stressors include infidelity, terminal illness of one partner, and serious mental health issues. Resentment, dislike, and an increase in the frequency of arguments tend to be signs of underlying problems that have been left unaddressed.

Counselling can help you recognise where your relationship is going wrong and whether or not you are able to recover and heal the relationship.


Parenting can be a demanding and difficult job.

However parenting with clarity which consists of talk, listen and learn can be a great start to a healthy and happy parent/child relationship.

Counselling can help you learn how to effectively communicate, set clear and consistent boundaries, understand behaviours and implement relevant strategies.

Adolescents/Young Adults

Adolescence/young adults is a time of great transition.

They are learning to define who they are and gain a sense of belonging to the world around them – for young people and their families alike. While it is healthy for young people to begin forming their own identity, style, this is at times not without its challenges. Conflict, lack of communication and understanding at times can result in misunderstandings and can create divisions in family relationships.

At such an important time, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the challenges that may be present.

Weight Difficulties

Our weight seems to be one of the things that is more troubled with emotional struggles than many other physical conditions. It is very closely linked to not only our health but also our sense of self-worth, self-esteem, self-image and even our mood.

The first positive step is awareness and to decide to make changes to your well-being with the help and guidance of both counsellor and clinical nutritionist. Together as a team we will assist you with implementing behavioural changes, create strategies and working with an individual plan.

You may be wondering what the difference between self-esteem and self-worth is.

Your self-esteem is how you feel about yourself based on your actions. It is what you have control over.

Your self-worth has a more spiritual bend to it. It is directly related to your identity, your sense of self, your overall feeling of importance and value in this world.

Overall both are an incredible amount of value and serve very different purposes in our lives.

Brief Therapy

If counselling doesn't appeal to you then brief therapy-single session may.

Brief Therapy focuses on the present and future, solutions rather than problems. Therefore the conversation is directed towards achieving your vision of solutions in a short period of time.

Don’t live in silence, let’s talk


I was recommended to Anna and was struggling with a very negative headspace and low point at my life, where I didn’t want to leave my room. It was really important for me to connect with a counsellor that I felt comfortable with. Anna is incredibly professional and has this genuine warmth that makes you feel able to express what is on your mind and feel. She has given me the tools and skills to cope with my anxiety and assisted in improving my self-esteem immensely. The support and level of trust is something I will forever be grateful for and she continues to keep me feeling grounded, but more importantly has helped in ways to find my inner strength to empower me by changing my way of thinking.

As a mother of a teenager who is suffering from anxiety, I have witnessed each session and have found Anna’s approach very hands on, helping my daughter with the tools that allow her to think about her beliefs and reactions in different situations. Anna is a very positive, caring and supportive counsellor who has built a wonderful rapport and relationship with my daughter based on honesty and trust. I’ve seen some wonderful changes in my daughter and her future looks so much brighter thank to the guidance and support Anna gives her.

Counselling has helped me immensely. I decided to see Anna for various issues. We are gradually working on them together. Her counselling setting and style has helped my immensely. Firstly through learning about myself, self-awareness and collaboratively prioritising issues to work on. I have been shown and given the tools and strategies to practice (homework) when in times of stress and anxiety. Anna is an amazing outlet offering a place of calm and rationality. Not only can you have a very deep and meaningful session but also after the session is concluded we have a friendly chat and a laugh. In the time I have been seeing Anna I have been able to make and achieve goals, which is a really satisfying feeling knowing that I have achieved.

Counselling wasn’t something I really thought of or had a lot of faith in, however a friend of mind found it helpful and suggested I give it a go at least once. I felt anxious making that first phone call. However from the initial contact I made with Anna I felt like she really listening and made me feel calm. During my first session Anna made me feel comfortable, explaining valuable and necessary information throughout the first session. After attending a few sessions I found that I had developed a trusting relationship with Anna. I felt I gained confidence and found I started moving through my thoughts and feelings rather than trying to push them aside and from there it wasn’t too long until my life started to feel better again and my future looking positive. Anna’s approach is very supportive and empathetic. This really assisted me to discover more about myself to solve my life challenges. A few sessions later I feel empowered and now understand my capabilities better. I look forward to seeing Anna when I feel the need to talk things through without anyone judging me.I would certainly recommend Anna

I am a young adult that has seeked and currently receives counselling from Anna. I began counselling in March, 2016 after battling obsessive and intrusive thoughts which I had been living with for two years, before I decided that I was having functional and having anxiety free days.I heard about Anna and her qualifications through word of mouth and decided to make the phone call. I was pleased with the response I got from Anna when talking to her on the phone, she genuinely wanted to help and acknowledged that the step I just took was the hardest one. Throughout these last few months Anna has possessed a welcoming, caring and professional repertoire. The support that I have received has been only continuous, and I am reassured that I have formed another network of support. I am more than pleased with the therapy I receive, as it has been modelled to suit my current needs. Recently, I have started receiving psychotherapy treatment called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) aimed at changing my patterns of thinking and behaviour. Prior to this I had success with another issue that I first seeked Anna’s help for. The techniques I discussed and worked on, I began to implement them in my day-to-day activities, and eventually I was able to control my stress, anxiety and negative thought patterns towards that situation. I continue to see Anna on a weekly basis to maintain and control new situations that have arrived in my life.

My counselling sessions with Anna have always been positive. I always feel very comfortable talking about my issues and never feel judged when opening up about something I feel particularly vulnerable about. The strategies and activities Anna has introduced and provided me with have helped me cope with my anxiety and allowed me to feel positive about the future.

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Appointment times are:
Monday - Friday 9.30am – 5.00pm
Saturday - 9.00am – 3.00pm

Counselling outside of these times can be arranged.



Please be aware that your wellbeing is our priority. Privacy, confidentiality and safety are of utmost importance to us.

Service Description Fees
Initial 15-minute telephone consultation Free
Individuals 60-minute session*** $125
***$20 per 15 minutes thereafter
Student/Concession 60-minute session*** $100
***$15 per 15 minutes thereafter
Couples/Families 90-minute session $160
Telephone/Online Video 30-minute session $55
Telephone/Online Video 60-minute session $100

PLEASE NOTE: Payment to be made prior to online sessions. Also note, currently there is no bulk-billing for private counselling.

CANCELLATION: When appointments are booked, the counsellor reserves the whole hour especially for you. Therefore, the cancellation policy is in place to allow us to offer the allocated time to another person who may be on the waiting list. We require 48 hours' notice to reschedule or cancel a session without incurring any cancellation fees.

A $50 fee will be charged for less than 24 hours cancellation of a session or non-attendance.

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