Stress in Everyday Life


Let’s Talk About Stress

“I can’t cope anymore.”
“I feel so stressed right now.”
“This is too much – I’ve had it.”
“Everything seems to be too much for me at the moment.”
“Impossible expectations.”

Is this how you’re feeling right now – overloaded with these feelings and more?

We hear comments like these every day in our busy lives – and we call it STRESS, which makes us wonder, what is the real definition of stress?

Stress is best described as a thing or event that disturbs our feelings or our thoughts which ultimately results in a reaction. Stressful circumstances often threaten our sense of calmness and relaxation and intrude on our peaceful existence.

There is a major difference between stressors and stress

  • Stressors are those things or events that happen on a daily basis that have the potential of driving us crazy, or making us angry, frustrated or even hurt.
    The main stressors are:    death of a loved one, divorce, moving, major illness, job loss, exams.
  • Stress is the way we choose to respond to the stressors, which relates to our feelings and our thoughts.

We may not be able to control the stressors in our world, but we can alter our reaction to them by learning and implementing strategies through assistance and guidance.



Don’t live in silence, let’s talk.

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